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A Gastronaut’s Tour of Philadelphia

Believe it or not, Philadelphia is a gastronaut’s paradise. (A gastronaut, in case you were wondering, is someone who plans their entire vacation around food.) The same word applies to corporate housing travelers who plan their lodging around the restaurants a neighborhood might offer.

“Um, Philly Cheese Steak, much?” might be your snarky comment.

“Au contraire,” would be my reply. One look at Le Bec-Fin’s menu would turn the heads and the hearts of any elitist foodie forever.

Le Bec Fin is located in Center City. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for an incredibly elegant 3-course meal. The chef, Georges Perrier, has created the most famous eating establishment in all of Philadelphia. For the finest in French cuisine and old world service, look no further than Le Bec-Fin.

Upstares & Sotto Varalli is located in Midtown Village. An Italian restaurant that specializes in seafood and an accessible wine menu, Upstare and Sotto Varalli lands near the top of any must-try restaurant list in Philadelphia.

Caribou Café is a restaurant that features French cuisine. Chef Olivier Desaintmartin is a Maitre Cuisinier de France which is a professional association of the highest honor. The restaurant is moderately priced, and draws from all regions in France for its inspiration.

Philadelphia fine restaurants create a benchmark to dine by for the rest of one’s business traveling days. And now, September 13-18 you can enjoy Philadelphia’s Restaurant Week, during which famous restaurants will prepare special menus and offer price breaks to diners.

So, for all our Philadelphia corporate housing clients who enjoy food, dine to your heart’s content.

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