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Almost Home is a proud member of The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the association worldwide for the industry of corporate housing. We’ve been a member since 2003.

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Pittsburgh Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

Almost Home offers a wide variety of Pittsburgh, PA corporate housing options for every short or long term furnished apartment need you may have. Contact us today to receive a temporary housing quote customized just for you in your desired area of the city.

Pittsburgh Corporate Housing – First Time in the Area

We wish to help familiarize potential newcomers to life in Pittsburgh and therefore provide the following informative summary of various aspects of this city. Take a few moments to acquire the knowledge of a long-time resident before you arrive.


Those staying in corporate housing in Pittsburgh, PA for business reasons might appreciate some information about the city’s business environment. Pittsburgh is becoming famous for managing its industrial transition as they rebuilt their rust belt economy into one that is more reliant on technology rather than factories. This shift to technology from industry has even caused other major cities in the Northeast and Midwest to take notice and adopt their concept of economic rejuvenation.The city is also focused on other revenue areas like tourism, finance, education, services and health care. Pittsburgh Medical Center is considered the largest employer in the city, giving professional opportunities to thousands of workers.The impetus behind their venture into technology was the precipitous decline of its century-long steel industries. From a floundering economy that was the definition of the rust belt, the city advanced into high technology areas such as nuclear engineering, biomedical technology, and robotics, and as a result, more than 1,000 technology companies were successfully founded in the span of a few years.


Knowing what clothing to bring with you to your Pittsburgh, PA furnished apartment is somewhat dependent on the local climate. Pittsburgh has four distinct seasons: winters being rather cold and moderately snowy, springs and falls being generally mild with moderate levels of sunshine, and summers being warm to hot and humid. So, be sure to dress right and then venture out of your Pittsburgh, PA corporate apartment to enjoy the wide variety of outdoor activities that this area offers.


Being a temporary resident in Pittsburgh, PA corporate housing need not relegate you to feeling like a complete outsider. Acquaint yourself with Pittsburgh’s history by reading our brief historical summary provided below.The Shawnee tribe and several other Native Americans were the first inhabitants of the Pittsburgh area. They mostly camped along the Ohio River. Robert de La Salle was the first European explorer and trader whose expedition in Pittsburgh during 1669 was followed by other European traders, who eventually set up posts and settlements in 18th century.The British attempted to set up camp here as well, but they were driven off by French soldiers in 1753. The French then built Fort Duquesne as per LaSalle’s assertion of his right as the first explorer of Pittsburgh and having a title over the land. A dispute over the land then resulted in a French and Indian war. The British and Americans aided each other at Fort Duquesne, although they were still overpowered at Braddock’s Field. Pittsburgh’s name is associated with Fort Pitt, which was erected there, headed by General John Forbes who made the French retreat from its claim to the area.

Places to Eat Near Pittsburgh Corporate Housing

All of Almost Home’s Pittsburgh, PA furnished apartments have fully equipped kitchens, making cooking both easy and enjoyable. However, many of our residents still enjoy dining out from time to time. You might want to give the following restaurants a try:
  • Legume on N Craig St: Legume is an expensive, classy restaurant where they serve modern American cuisine. They offer an appetizing menu that changes daily. It is a farm-to-table style restaurant where the food is fresh and of superior quality.
  • Smiling Banana Leaf on Bryant St: It is an affordable Thai restaurant where they provide classic food at average prices. This is a small restaurant where they offer intimate dinners and accept reservations. Alcoholic beverages are not available, parking is on street, and they are open seven days a week.
  • Eleven on Smallman St: Eleven is posh and upscale restaurant which offers modern American cuisine. They offer testing menus, wide array of alcoholic drinks including wine, beer and cocktails. Try Roasted Chicken Sandwich and Kale Salad. Valet parking is available.
  • Soba on Ellsworth Ave: It’s a pricey place where they offer inventive Asian Fusion cuisine. Soba is a chic restaurant and is good for intimate dinners or formal meetings. They accept reservations. Parking is on street and they do not offer delivery or take-out. Try Tandoori Salmon and Chicken Ramen.
  • Café Zinho on Spahr St: Café Zinho is a reasonably priced restaurant which offers Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine. They are closed on Sundays. Outdoor seating is available. This place is good for romantic or family dinners.

Thing to do in Pittsburgh

Stepping out of your Pittsburgh, PA temporary housing is bound to present you with numerous interesting activities. We have listed a few possible entertainment options that may appeal to you.
  • Museums: Carnegie Museum of Natural History is rich in culture and history. They have a wide collection of ancient rocks, mounted bugs, animal exhibits, dinosaur fossils and much more. Of these, dinosaur fossils and ancient Egypt artifacts are the primary attraction for visitors.
  • Theaters: Benedum Center for the Performing Arts is located downtown. This place has been restored and the new building has modern yet authentic architecture along with classy and elegant décor. It is a tourist attraction for live musicals and concerts. Benedum Center is rich in culture and the grand interior includes classic cathedral ceilings, golden leaves and massive chandeliers.
  • Parks: The Point State Park is located in downtown and easily accessible on foot, by bus or bicycle. It is a huge park, covering 36 acres of area and is rich in history. The facility is clean and well-kept. People visit here to spend peaceful evenings with family, kids or friends. The outlines of city buildings are a good view from here.
Whatever your reason for visiting Pittsburgh, Almost Home Corporate Housing is your best choice to provide you with a furnished apartment in Pittsburgh, PA that is perfectly tailored to meet your unique housing needs. Call us today to receive a quote or fill out our simple housing request form at the top of this page. 

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