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Almost Home is a proud member of The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the association worldwide for the industry of corporate housing. We’ve been a member since 2003.

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Sioux Falls SD Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

Almost Home offers a wide variety of Sioux Falls, SD corporate housing options for every short or long term furnished apartment need you may have. Contact us today to receive a temporary housing quote customized just for you in your desired area of the city.

Sioux Falls Corporate Housing – First Time in the Area

We wish to help familiarize potential newcomers to life in Sioux Falls and therefore provide the following informative summary of various aspects of this city. Take a few moments to acquire the knowledge of a long-time resident before you arrive.


Those staying in corporate housing in Sioux Falls, SD for business reasons might appreciate some information about the city’s business environment. Sioux Falls’ economy is one of the fastest developing in the United States. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Once, the center of quarrying and agriculture, the economy has migrated to 21st century kinds of service-based industries. As such the primary employers and highest contributors to the economy include businesses in the banking, insurance and healthcare industries. One of the reasons behind this is the lack of state corporate tax.


Knowing what clothing to bring with you to your Sioux Falls, SD furnished apartment is somewhat dependent on the local climate.Sioux Falls is warm in the summer, reaching a high of 85°F in July. Temperatures vary between 70 and 85 and then taper off to a cooler 50 to 70 degrees in the fall. Winter stretches over November to February with the highs barely in the 30s but the lows dipping to as low as 6°F in January. So, be sure to dress right and then venture out of your Sioux Falls, SD corporate apartment to enjoy the wide variety of outdoor activities that this area offers.

Places to Eat Near Sioux Falls Corporate Housing

All of Almost Home’s Sioux Falls, SD furnished apartments have fully equipped kitchens, making cooking both easy and enjoyable. However, many of our residents still enjoy dining out from time to time. You might want to give the following restaurants a try:
  • Crawford’s on S Phillips Ave.: This place is armed with a great menu and an even better service. The restaurant is conveniently located downtown and is recent favorite among the locals. The food here appeals to a wide audience and the atmosphere is inviting. Flavor comes through in fine style here while the crowds are hip. Try the Salmon or the Beef Tips the next time you’re there.
  • Parker’s Bistro on S Main Ave.: There are a few bistros that can step up to Parker’s challenge. None are within the vicinity. The food is delicious and generous. The cocktails are imaginative and authentic. The bar is well stocked and the cocktails are magnificent. The favorites here form a pretty long list, but it’s safe to start with shrimp and work your way through the Tuna and the Beef.
  • Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant on E 10th St.: This has to be one of the most fun place in Sioux Falls to get a meal. The restaurant offers aromatically delicious and visually tantalizing Mexican favorites. The menu is decadently built around delicious recipes of guacamole appetizers and Ceviche Tostadas. The chicken is outrageous while the seafood is fit for a king.
  • Shahi Palace India Grille on South Shirley Ave.: If you like the fire of Indian cuisine, this is the place you would want to head to. The restaurant is conveniently located downtown with easy parking. Convenience aside, the food is out of this world. It’s scintillating result of new world presentation of old world recipes here. Spices and herbs underscore each flavor when used in delicately, which is why this place is great. The flavors and spices are subtle. The flavor comes through without stinging and stays gently throughout the meal. Try the Tandoori Roti paired with the lamb.
  • Royal Palace Chinese Restaurant on S Louise Ave.: Authentic Chinese cuisine is not something that one finds everywhere. It’s a treat when you locate one and this one certainly hits the spot. On top of the great Asian flavors, they serve dumplings and noodles. The one thing that sets this place apart from the rest is the atmosphere. It is not your typical restaurant, but something worthy of an event. The chefs practice healthy cooking habits and do not use MSG.
  • Minerva’s Restaurant on S Phillips Ave.: Walking in to this restaurant is the start of a culinary adventure that ends only with the satisfaction that Minerva can provide. The sophistication of flavor in their Salmon, to the excitement of the succulent shrimp, you will be enthralled from start to finish.

Things to do in Sioux Falls

Stepping out of your Sioux Falls, SD temporary housing is bound to present you with numerous interesting activities. We have listed a few possible entertainment options that may appeal to you.
  • Museums: Sioux Falls has a number of museums that will give you a better understanding of what this town is all about and what its based on. The Old Courthouse Museum on W 6th St as well as the Museum of Visual Materials on N Main Ave. There is also the Visual Arts Center on S Main Ave.
  • Performing Arts: Experience magnificent on-stage performances and productions in Sioux Falls, with a distinguished performers coming from all over. There is always something for you to appreciate. You can visit the Orpheum Theatre Center on S Main Ave. and the Sioux Empire Community Theatre on N Phillips Ave.
  • Malls: The Empire on W Empire Pl. is well represented by most of the national brands and chains as well as many of the imports that you may need.
  • Golf: Keeping in shape, playing golf on tree-lined fairways, is an amazing twist. To help you with that, try Elmwood Golf Course on Russell St. or Prairie Green Golf Course onE 69th St. You can try Willow Run Golf Course on S Dakota’s Route 42.
  • Parks and Recreation: Sioux Falls offers decent parks and recreation facilities in various parts of the city. They also manage aquatic centers, basketball and tennis courts and other recreational facilitates for the city’s community. At some of these parks you can swim, golf, play tennis and hike on wooded trails.
Whatever your reason for visiting Sioux Falls, Almost Home Corporate Housing is your best choice to provide you with a furnished apartment in Sioux Falls, SD that is perfectly tailored to meet your unique housing needs. Call us today to receive a quote or fill out our simple housing request form at the top of this page.

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