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Five Great Places to Dine While Staying in Milwaukee Temporary Housing

Local Dining RecommendationsThere are a few dining establishments in Milwaukee that Almost Home Corporate Housing would like to recommend to our temporary housing clients. You might end up making these your favorite dining haunts.  There is a lot that’s on offer, so venture out on the town a few evenings and try out for yourself some of these great places!

  1. Port of Call on Well St and Milwaukee River:  The catch is always fresh here and the flavor, always just right. The bar is well stocked and there isn’t much you could ask for that wouldn’t be within the bartender’s reach. From Sangrias to Pineapple infused vodka martinis, it’s all here. The food is outstanding, that much is indisputable. From the Ginger Soy Salmon, to the classic Bouillabaisse to Chicken Marsala, you’re taste buds will be treated to the finest in town.
  2. Water Buffalo on N Water St.:  Enjoy everyday dining here as the prices are not overboard. The food however, deserves every bit of its five star rating. They serve some of the best starters including mussels, lobsters and Ahi Tuna. Once you’re all watered up and ready for more, the main menu will just blow you out of the water with its Grilled Berkshire Pork Loin or Beef Kebab. You definitely should try the grilled swordfish.
  3. Zaffiro’s Pizza on North Farwell Ave between Brady and E Royall Place:  Whether its for lunch, dinner or whenever, this place makes pizzas they way no one else in town can. You’ll know it the moment you walk in and the aroma hits you, you’ll know it the moment you take your first bite and you will know it when you’re back home planning your next visit.  And, it’s not just pizzas, the Tenderloin Steak Sandwich is amazing, just as the Lasagna is and the Anchovy Pizza is absolutely superb. Try ’em all.
  4. Mason Street Grill on East Mason St between Jefferson St and Milwaukee St.:  One of the few place in town that serves truly fresh Maine Lobster. Its a good place to get to know if you plan to do a lot of entertaining. The selection at the bar is good and the staff, ready to serve at a moment’s notice. The food is expertly prepared. Even your ride is valeted for your convenience so you and your client can remain in the zone throughout dinner and drinks.
  5. Kiku on W Wisconsin Ave between 2nd and 3rd St.: As far as sushi goes, this is your best bet in town. There are a few other places that you could try, but this one has a fantastic reputation for the freshest ingredients and the best tasting sushi. Lunch and dinner are both well presented, and you can walk in here in casual attire to just enjoy the food.

Downtown Milwaukee is a food-lover’s paradise, if you know where to look. There is a lot of standard and contemporary menus. There are also classic American fare that is always a favorite anytime of the day during every season. These five locations will get you started on the first few days of your stay in this beautiful city, from there it is up to you to scour the gastronomical streets of the lake town.

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