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Fort Collins Microbrewery Recommendations

fortcollinsmicrobreweryAlmost Home Corporate Housing offers the following microbrewery recommendations for our Fort Collins corporate apartment residents.

Something that’s pretty unique in Fort Collins that you should not miss while you’re here is the loads of microbreweries that offer an amazing palette of flavorful beers. It would be impossible to list all the worthy breweries here, but just to get you started here are a few I think you’d enjoy:

  • Fort Collins Brewery on East Lincoln Ave: This is one of the oldest breweries in town. Try the 1900 Amber Lager when you’re here as well as the Chocolate Stout and the Red Banshee. You won’t be disappointed. There is also a place within the brewery to get a bite to eat.
  • Equinox Brewing on Remington Street: The beer garden here is amazing. The beer is old school for sure but there are some ingredients and methods that make it relevant in today’s world. There’s new beer every week so you have to keep coming back to sample what’s new on tap. When you’re here try Universal Porter and O’rion Irish Red.
  • Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewery in Old Town Square: This one has it all, not just fresh brew on tap. It has food, pool and a lot of fun folks around to make it an experience you’ll keep coming back to. Be sure to get a taste of the Horsetooth Stout and Sigda’s Chile Beer.

Something about the water and the air here that makes the fermentation process here award-winning. The Colorado Brewer’s Festival happens in June, and it’s an event that people from all over the country come to share every year with Fort Collins’ residents. It’s not just the beer that benefits from the crisp air and water, the population does too. Like them, you too will begin to walk with a bounce in your step and a tune in your heart.

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