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Minneapolis-St. Paul- 3 Areas of the City to Consider recently reported that Minneapolis-St.Paul is the least expensive place to live according to its geographic region.  In order to reach this conclusion, compared elements such as cost-of-living with quality of life measures such as crime rate and divided the country into regions.  The city ranked number 3 overall, and its high ranking was attributed to good salaries and the wealth of cultural opportunity that the city affords.  Al Lee, director of quantitative analysis at, was quoted in the article as saying “The best place to be is on the fringe of one of those cities.   An hour or so outside of town, you’re still close enough to feel the influence of the high wage areas.”
Here are three suburbs of Minneapolis to consider when relocating to the area, or if you’re on temporary assignment and staying in corporate housing there:
1.)    Edina.  Edina has a reputation for being one of the most affluent suburbs in Minneapolis.  Median household income in 1999 was around $66K, which is well above the state average.  It only follows that Edina public schools are among the top 100 for academics in the U.S., as rated by Newsweek in 2007.  46% of Edina public school graduates go on to pursue graduate degrees.  So if you’re relocating to Minneapolis with children in tow, it would behoove you to consider Edina as an option for their home and schooling.
2.)    St. Louis Park.  St. Louis Park is known for being a little more blue collar than Edina, but as real estate in the area has continued to uptick, the demographics may be rapidly changing.  St. Louis Park has fostered several important figures in current events, including movie directors Joel and Ethan Coen, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and Senator Al Franken.  St. Louis Park is within comfortable distance of the city but is a little more laid back than other suburbs in the area.
3.)    Rochester.  Rochester has both IBM and the Mayo Clinic as major employers.  A good 45 minute drive from Minneapolis, it’s not the best place to live if you have a spouse commuting into the city.  Still, odds are that both of you will be able to find jobs there.  What’s more, it’s not so far from Minneapolis that you wouldn’t be able to drive in for a night of dining out and theatre.

If you are staying in Minneapolis corporate housing, don’t miss out on one of these great neighborhoods!

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