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    Furnished Apartments Baton Rouge - 2525 O'neal

    Baton Rouge, LA 70816

    Almost Home’s Baton Rouge furnished apartments include walk-in closets, washers and dryers, granite countertops, tile flooring, breakfast bars, and 9 foot ceilings in each…

    • Bed1, 2, 3
    • Bath1, 2


    Corporate Housing Baton Rouge - 6929 Commerce

    Baton Rouge, LA 70809

    Baton Rouge corporate housing is located within walking distance to restaurants, Whole Foods grocery store, shops and boutiques. Our one and two bedroom apartments…

    • Bed1, 2
    • Bath1, 2



Almost Home is a proud member of The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the association worldwide for the industry of corporate housing. We’ve been a member since 2003.

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Baton Rouge Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

We serve the entire Baton Rouge area including Plaquemine, Gonzales, Baker, Walker, Livonia, Maringouin.

Getting to Know Baton Rouge, LA

Staying in Baton Rouge corporate housing will introduce you to a fascinating city that features the best of southern charm. The culture, the food, the polite ways of the people, and the roll of the land as it is bordered by the gulf in the south and hemmed in by the Mississippi in the east—all these elements and many more combine to make this city really shine. Baton Rouge, LA is the 2nd largest city in Louisiana and is one of the most active places along the Gulf Coast. It is a vibrant city that sits on the Mississippi River and hums away to its own tune.

Baton Rouge Climate

Your temporary housing stay in Baton Rouge will be greatly benefited by understanding the climate a little, especially if you are not familiar with hot, humid weather.  These bodies of water, combined with the tropical heat of the land, produce some of the most humid conditions in the south, but it is all worth it. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear, so make sure you dress appropriately and you will be ahead of the game. The weather is what you would expect it to be in the south. It is humid and warm, experiencing subtropical weather year-round. There is heavy rainfall in the summer months and lower precipitation in the winter months. Temperatures can get into the low nineties but have been known to hit 110°F. The trick here is to dress light and airy. Suits are fine as long as they are made of a light material. The humidity demands you keep air flowing around you. In the winter the temperature can fall to the forties. Dress light for the day’s sun and carry a jacket for the mild chill in the evening.

Business in Baton Rouge, LA

The business community here is thriving with petroleum refining, education, biomedical and manufacturing industries forming the basis of their strong economy.  Baton Rouge is ranked one of the top 20 in economic strength in the United States.  There is also a huge transportation business that thrives here. Huge Panamax tankers come as far up as Baton Rouge before returning to the Gulf. Recently, there has also been a budding motion picture industry. Unemployment is down to 8% from the high of 9.7% in 2011. New Orleans is still at 9% and Shreveport is at 8.2%.

Getting Around in Baton Rouge

This is a sprawling city but it is accessible by road for the most part. The major interstate that gets through here is the I-12 moving east to west and I-10 moving south with US Hwy 61 moving north. Airline Hwy and Florida Blvd are main thoroughfares in the city that allow traffic from the north to bypass downtown and head to Sherwood Forest. Perkins Rd. is on the east side of the city that takes traffic down to Village St George. Wherever your corporate housing in Baton Rouge is located, just make sure you understand the public transportation system and you will be in good hands.

Things to do while staying in Baton Rouge Corporate Housing

  • Museum: There are a few museums that will get you started in terms of understanding this magnificent city. The first one is the Louisiana Art and Science Museum on S. River Dr. Make sure you spend at least half a day here. Then there’s the Capitol Park Museum on N.4th St. and the Rural Life Museum on Essen Ln. The USS KIDD is in Baton Rouge and it is most certainly worth a visit. It is located on S. River Rd.
  • Performing Arts: The arts here are in a class by themselves. The sheer fluidity of the performances and the soul in each vibration is more than anyone can adequately explain. Take a trip to the Manship Theatre on Lafayette St. Also try the Baton Rouge River Center on S. River Dr. Along Lafayette you will find a couple of performance theaters, you should also try Shaw Center for the Arts. Another one, located on Independence Blvd., is the Independence Park Theatre.
  • Malls: If you need it there are a couple of malls you could head to for your convenience items. Here you will find a lot of the new world pleasures, like cinemas, fast food and the usual implements of malls. The Mall of Louisiana is on Bluebonnet Blvd. There is also the Cortana Mall in Cortana Place that will cater to all your needs. The usual Macy’s, JC Penney and Dillard’s are here.
  • Golf: It’s a year-round activity here since the weather is so perfect to go out and drive the links or just hang at the driving range practicing that swing. The southern comfort of the gulf sun is something to take advantage off. Some of the best places to play are the BREC Golf Course on Santa Maria Pkwy. There is also the LSU Golf Course on Nicholson Dr. and then there is the J.S. Clark Park Golf Course on Thomas Rd.
  • Park and Recreations: The parks and recreation activities in Baton Rouge are handled by the City’s BREC. They manage a number of things citizens of this wonderful city can do to use their outdoor time actively. You can find tennis courts around town and all you have to do is head over to the BREC website. There is also soccer, basketball, fitness centers, biking trails and hiking paths. All that food must be worked off somehow and now you have options.
Taking up residence in one of Almost Home’s Baton Rouge corporate apartments is going to feel more like a vacation if you know how to blend your work with all the different things you can do here. For instance you might choose to adjourn every meeting at a restaurant thereby enabling you to savor the local Cajun flavors. Meet in different parts of the city and experience the many things Baton Rouge has to offer. Of course, your work is important, but take time to play a little too.  It is the southern way.