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Almost Home is a proud member of The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the association worldwide for the industry of corporate housing. We’ve been a member since 2003.

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Almost Home offers a wide variety of Bryn Mawr, PA corporate housing options for every short or long term furnished apartment need you may have. Contact us today to receive a temporary housing quote customized just for you in your desired area of the city.

Bryn Mawr Corporate Housing – First Time in the Area

We wish to help familiarize potential newcomers to life in Bryn Mawr and therefore provide the following informative summary of various aspects of this city. Take a few moments to acquire the knowledge of a long-time resident before you arrive.


Those staying in corporate housing in Bryn Mawr, PA for business reasons might appreciate some information about the city’s business environment. Bryn Mawr is an affluent suburb of Philadelphia and home to one of the wealthiest communities in the country. As such much of the retail focus is on higher end budgets. There is also a healthy construction industry that focuses on home renovations and building. Average net income in the area is above $75,000.
The main driver for local township revenue is the sales tax mechanism which attracts 6% of sales. A large number of businesses that contribute towards this are the restaurants and services, including grocery stores, and other consumer product stores.

Tourism is also a major contributor to the economy. However, it is not just the overnight tourist that makes up a large part of the revenue base. Tourism here also includes visitors from nearby as Philadelphia and across the Delaware from New Jersey. Bryn Mawr College is also nationally accredited and forms a major portion of non residents descending upon the township.
Most of the residents in the area either work in Philadelphia, or even as far as Newark, Jersey City and New York City. There is a large consumer base that drives the prosperity of the town and this is expected to grow as seen with the increasing real estate values.


Knowing what clothing to bring with you to your Bryn Mawr, PA furnished apartment is somewhat dependent on the local climate. Bryn Mawr falls under the subtropical classification as far as weather and climate is concerned. Summers, which range between 73º and 87º between May and August with the highest temperatures experienced in July. Fall temperatures average a high of 66° and lows of 48º in October. Winter experiences snow and cold temperatures that hit the lowest point of 25º in January. Spring temperatures are a comfortable range between 52 and 73º. So, be sure to dress right and then venture out of your Bryn Mawr, PA corporate apartment to enjoy the wide variety of outdoor activities that this area offers.


Being a temporary resident in Bryn Mawr, PA corporate housing need not relegate you to feeling like a complete outsider. Acquaint yourself with Bryn Mawr’s history by reading our brief historical summary provided below.
Bryn Mawr grew as a suburb of Philadelphia. It was originally known as Humphreysville and was located on the Main Line, which is what gave it its prominence. The original area was settled by the families of Rowland Ellis who left Wales under religious persecution. He arrived in Pennsylvania and bought a tract of land outside Philadelphia in 1704. The name Bryn Mawr is Welsh for big hill and replaced Humphreysville in 1869.
The community here engaged in agriculture and supplied most of the produce, which included tobacco to Philadelphia. Their location just outside Philadelphia proved ideal as a city of suppliers and service providers to a developing city and port that saw tremendous wealth and growth.
The Philadelphia and Columbia line was built in 1832 which constituted the Main Line. This is where present day Bryn Mawr and other parts of suburban Philadelphia along the route get its name. The line was built after it was calculated that building a canal, as was the popular thing at the time, would not be feasible, as the water would be insufficient. Soon after this Bryn Mawr received its first telegraph office, located on present day Bryn Mawr Ave and County Line Rd.

Places to Eat Near Bryn Mawr Corporate Housing

All of Almost Home’s Bryn Mawr, PA furnished apartments have fully equipped kitchens, making cooking both easy and enjoyable. However, many of our residents still enjoy dining out from time to time. You might want to give the following restaurants a try:

  • Dujour on Lancaster Ave.: Dujour is a comfortable restaurant featuring Americana. They serve every meal from breakfast to dinner. However their lunch menu is by far the most popular. They have free Wi-Fi and a private parking lot for customers.
  • Cafe Con Chocolate on S Norwood St.: This place has an eclectic menu, combining Mexican staples to contemporary tastes. The omelets and churros for example are a new take on old concepts. Try the Molletes. Prices are under ten bucks for a meal.
  • Cucina Zapata on Ludlow St.: Cucina’s is a gastronomic cocktail of various foods in one truck. From Thai to Mexican, Italian to vegetarian–it’s all there. Just pull up to one of the trucks along Drexel’s campus or the Penn campus and enjoy the variety of fast cooked meals for way under ten bucks.
  • Mood Cafe on Baltimore Ave.: This restaurant serves Pakistani food that is fairly accurate in its palate. They are certified to be halal. Most of the menu is a spin of traditional Indian fare with a creative spin on each. Try the lassi, which is flavored yogurt, or try the Chaat.
  • Smiley’s Cafe on Cotton St.: Smiley’s is a Greek restaurant that serves large portions averaging $10 a meal. They are a no-frills restaurant that is heavy on the taste and slim on the decor. They open at 11 am daily and close at 9 pm. Try the beef gyro.

Things to Do in Bryn Mawr, PA

Stepping out of your Bryn Mawr, PA temporary housing is bound to present you with numerous interesting activities. We have listed a few possible entertainment options that may appeal to you.

  • Museum: The Please Touch Museum is located on Avenue of the Arts and is a fabulous place to be in touch with technology and the exhibits that are constantly changing. It’s a good place for kids and adults alike and a very different atmosphere from the usually museums that request patrons not to touch anything.
  • Performing Arts Theater: The Mann Music Center is an active theater with numerous shows across cultural divide that features modern and contemporary performances alongside classical and theatrical performances. From Diana Ross to Beethoven, this acoustically perfect theater is a great venue to enjoy the arts.
  • Park: Rosemont Park is a popular park that allows visitors to have their dogs off the leash. They also have a number of hiking and walking paths as well as water fountains along the way. There is also a paved biking path and freshwater fishing. In the winter, they also have cross country skiing.

Whatever your reason for visiting Bryn Mawr, Almost Home Corporate Housing is your best choice to provide you with a furnished apartment in Bryn Mawr, PA that is perfectly tailored to meet your unique housing needs. Call us today to receive a quote or fill out our simple housing request form at the top of this page.

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