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Almost Home is a proud member of The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the association worldwide for the industry of corporate housing. We’ve been a member since 2003.

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Stuff To Do While Staying in Coronado Corporate Housing

What could be more thrilling than being in a place surrounded by the sea, with lots of fun and exciting sights to see? Coronado, a Spanish word meaning “the Crowned One”, is called the Crown City for a reason, for the majestic panorama of the sea and the sunny sandy beaches are only the few of a hundred reasons to stay.
Coronado Island might not be technically an island since it’s connected by a thin sandy strip to the mainland, but the ambiance of an island retreat is pervasive in the area, so, having a furnished apartment in Coronado is much more recommended, since it makes you feel like the city is your second home. For your temporary stay in Coronado, there are a lot of places that would surely suit your taste and needs.
If you want to spend a romantic time with your loved one, why not take a Venetian-style Gondola Cruise? This cruise is in Coronado Cays’ alluring canals and waterways, making it a must for couples truly in love. A reservation is needed though, so don’t waste your time and get one right away!
A brisk walk is good for the body, as they say, but it’s better if the walk is entertaining as well. Strolling down Coronado’s Main street, the Orange Avenue, has many interesting places and establishments, like antique shops, restaurants, clothing stores that sell an array of clothing. The experience will be most diverting with the street’s interesting architectures and whenever you turn, there are interesting things to see.
Ferry Landing Market Place has shops of all sorts, great establishments to eat and drink for a reasonable price, green grass where your family can have a picnic in while listening to good music by the local musicians and most of all, specialty stores that sell items not found in department stores.
If you really want an unhindered vacation in Coronado, having a corporate housing will let you enjoy without the many complications of checking in a hotel, making you focus more in having fun and relaxation, which is one of the primary reasons for your visit tp this magnificent city in the first place.