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Ingleside TX Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

Almost Home provides Ingleside TX corporate housing in this burgeoning town, which is poised for growth, along with its twin across the bay, Corpus Christi.  Contact us today to receive a custom tailored quote for a furnished apartment.

First Time in Ingleside, TX

We offer the following brief explanation of this little Texas town, should you be considering a move here.


Ingleside is currently driven by the exploration and development of the Eagle Ford Shale, giving rise to the oil and gas industry as the major economic driver in the Ingleside – Corpus Christi area. Experts predict rapid growth over the next few years and significant development to facilitate the operations here. The spillover from the exploration and development and the eventual extraction, storage and refining of oil will create secondary drivers in infrastructure, real estate, retail, manufacturing, energy and transportation.  For all of these business needs, Almost Home’s Ingleside TX corporate housing provides an excellent resource for those needing short term, temporary housing.
Companies such as Occidental Petroleum Corp, Wildcat Midstream, Koch and other major oil and gas companies have invested in the activities and created numerous jobs in the process. These jobs present opportunities for all categories, disciplines and trades. The City has forward thinking plans to facilitate the oil and gas program and is even thinking ahead with the planning of housing and commercial property to fill the retail gap that will arise and the population increases to support the major job requirements.


Ingleside furnished apartment residents enjoy humid tropical weather through most of the year due to the city’s position relative to the Gulf of Mexico. Spring averages a high of 71°F in March and ascends to Augusts’ summer average high of 95°. Fall sets in in October with highs in the mid 70s and lows fall to 35 in November. December through January and early March experience lows in the 50s.


Knowing a little local history, might accentuate your enjoyment of Ingleside corporate housing.  The area that includes present day Ingleside was first settled in 1854. The first settlers bought land from George C Hatch who owned over 3,800 acres on both sides of the bayou. One of those settlers, John Vineyard, was from a town named Ingleside in Scotland, and he is credited with naming the town in honor of his ancestral home. The initial occupations most of the town residents were farming and ranching. One of the popular crops at the time was grapes, introduced to the area but George Hatch and his son, John.  The vineyards flourished until all the vines were killed by fungi in the 1930s. Hopes of development were hinged on the possibility of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway stopping in Ingleside, but the stop was never built and the anticipation of growth resulted in contraction when the rail didn’t materialize. The city, instead, faced an exodus with residents migrating towards the site of the new railroad stop in Paloma. Humble Oil announced plans in 1927 to construct an oil refinery in the area. The announcement and eventual construction rapidly increased the population and the prosperity of the city. Construction of homes and infrastructure boomed ahead of the refinery’s construction and continued after its completion. In 1945 the plant closed due to a labor dispute and the plant was sold. An aluminum fabrication plant opened soon after, followed by another metal plant in 1950.  The town’s growth was modest, if not stagnant. It was eventually incorporated in 1951.

Places to Eat in Ingleside

Take a break from cooking in your Ingleside furnished apartment and try one of these area restaurants which we recommend.
  • The Crazy Monkey Cafe on Main St: The Crazy Monkey is a popular place in town that serves home-style food in a casual environment. The exterior facade is simple, but the interior is hip and artsy with eclectic tables and furniture. The prices are affordable, making this a place that offers great value for money.
  • Thai Cafe on Main St: They serve authentic Thai food for those who can handle the heat, but they can tone it down upon request. The flavors are authentic and the service is good.
  • Good-N-Crisp Chicken on N Avenue B: The fried chicken here tastes like old style country fried chicken. The patrons come for crispy chicken and well flavored sides like tater tots or wedges.
  • Floyd’s Ranch House Restaurant on State Hwy 361: Floyd’s is a traditional American Tex-Mex restaurant with a predominantly fried menu. The desserts are varied, and all the pies are made in-house. The favorite here is the fried chicken and the fried okra side.
  • Granny’s Tamales Too on Main St: Granny’s is a Mexican restaurant that offers home style Mexican fare. There are the ubiquitous tacos and enchiladas as well as the tamales that are the favorite and the specialty here.

Things to do near Ingleside

Your Ingleside TX corporate apartment won’t be far from plenty to do.  Check out these possibilities:
  • Museums: The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History located in N Chaparral St in Corpus Christi is a 40,000 square foot museum housing historic artifacts and scientific exhibits that represent the human experience and story, especially in this part of the world. Some of the exhibits allow hands on experience while others impart a sense of history and knowledge.
  • Performing Arts: The Harbor Playhouse in Corpus Christi has history in theater dating back almost a century. They perform a number of local productions every year and display tremendous talent on a very small budget.
  • Golf: North Shore Country Club in Corpus Christi is a premier course carved by the coastline overlooking the Corpus Christi Bay. The club also has a well stocked Pro Shop and a PGA pro on staff. There is also a tennis shop and court, and a fitness center and pools.
  • Parks: The Ingleside Skate Park is part of the Simmons Public Recreation facility. The park is located off Highway 361 and offers two bowls for skateboarders with differing depth and shape. The bowls are lit for night boarding.
Almost Home provides Ingleside TX corporate housing in this burgeoning town, which is poised for growth, along with its twin across the bay, Corpus Christi.  Contact us today to receive a custom tailored quote for a furnished apartment.