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Almost Home is a proud member of The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the association worldwide for the industry of corporate housing. We’ve been a member since 2003.

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Lubbock Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

Almost Home offers a wide variety of Lubbock, TX corporate housing options for every short or long term furnished apartment need you may have. Contact us today to receive a temporary housing quote customized just for you in your desired area of the city.

Lubbock Corporate Housing – First Time in the Area

We wish to help familiarize potential newcomers to life in Lubbock and therefore provide the following informative summary of various aspects of this city. Take a few moments to acquire the knowledge of a long-time resident before you arrive.


Those staying in corporate housing in Lubbock, TX for business reasons might appreciate some information about the city’s business environment. Lubbock is driven by two industries in disproportionate amounts. Its primary economic driver is the agricultural sector and the production of cotton. By far it is the highest producer of cotton in the country and that defines the activity of the city. The state of its cotton production is also heavily dependent on government subsidies and breaks. The problem with this crop is that it is drawing water from the aquifer that feeds most of the portion of Texas at a rate that is calculated to be unsustainable. To handle this, a number of technology research initiatives have been set up in the area to assist with the reduction of water usage and the ability to conserve the water resource.
The second area of economic wealth is the educational institutions that have been set up in Lubbock. This has attracted a large number of students, faculty and staff to the area and that has sustained the local economy by generating retail and service opportunities for the locals. The major institutions of higher learning in the area include Texas Tech University, University Medical Center and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. The three institutions are also some of the top employers in the city.


Knowing what clothing to bring with you to your Lubbock, TX furnished apartment is somewhat dependent on the local climate. Lubbock’s climate is categorized as one that is semi-arid. Spring is warm with temperatures between 67°F in March and 83° in May. Summers warm up to a peak of 93°F in July. Fall temperatures reach average highs of 75° in October, then cools marginally to lows averaging 35° in November. Winters are mild, stretching from December to January with lows in the 20s. So, be sure to dress right and then venture out of your Lubbock, TX corporate apartment to enjoy the wide variety of outdoor activities that this area offers.


Being a temporary resident in Lubbock, TX corporate housing need not relegate you to feeling like a complete outsider. Acquaint yourself with Lubbock’s history by reading our brief historical summary provided below.Lubbock was the result of a combination of two cities, Old Lubbock and Monterey. When the merged part of the agreement was that it would retain the Lubbock name but that Monterey would be the location where the Old Lubbock City would move to. They physically moved the city and even placed old hotels on trailers and pulled it over to the new location. Lubbock was incorporated in 1909.The city of Lubbock is located in the county with the same name, which is named after Thomas Lubbock, a Texas Ranger and brother of the Governor.Lubbock has a very long archaeological history that has been excavated. As part of the University’s museum, the Lubbock Lake Landmark holds archeological evidence of over 12,000 years of human history.

Places to Eat Near Lubbock Corporate Housing

All of Almost Home’s Lubbock, TX furnished apartments have fully equipped kitchens, making cooking both easy and enjoyable. However, many of our residents still enjoy dining out from time to time. You might want to give the following restaurants a try:
  • Manna Bread & Wine on Salem Ave: Specializes in cheese based snacks and food that goes well with the extensive wine cellar. It’s suitable for a relaxing evening out for adults. Try the Goats Cheese Croquette. Prices are above average and the setting is quiet and intimate.
  • Thai Thai on 50th St: This is an authentic Thai restaurant with an extensive selection of dishes. The restaurant is usually crowded. Reservations are encouraged. Prices are average. They only serve beer and house wine.
  • The Vine on 34th St: The Vine is open only for dinner daily. There is a full bar serving wine, beer and some cocktails. It is moderately priced and features a menu influenced heavily by French cuisine. Parking is easy and they are busy on the weekends. Try the Crepes.
  • Manara Cafe on 50th St: Manara is an authentic Mediterranean restaurant specializing in Greek favorites and cultured for American tastes. They are open for lunch and dinner and serve a wide selection of meat and vegetarian meals at affordable prices. Try the Baba Ganoush, it is a favorite among regular patrons.
  • Gardski’s Loft on Broadway St: Gardski’s is a popular lunch hangout in an old restored building. There is free Wi-Fi for those just hanging out after meals. They also offer delivery within a short radius of the restaurant and take-out is just a phone call away. Try the turkey burger.

Places to Go in Lubbock, TX

Stepping out of your Lubbock, TX temporary housing is bound to present you with numerous interesting activities. We have listed a few possible entertainment options that may appeal to you.
  • Museums: Science Spectrum on S Loop is open from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. There are plenty of local ecological systems on display here and a number of creature exhibits as well as exhibits covering science and technology.
  • Theaters: The Cactus Theater on Buddy Holly Ave is Lubbock’s popular center for the performing arts. It presents a number of shows though the year from Broadway to comedy.
  • Parks: Joyland Amusement Park on MacKenzie Park is an old fashioned carnival park that has all the classic fun rides of yesteryear, from bumper cars to Ferris wheels and mouse coasters. It is a fun place to visit.
Whatever your reason for visiting Lubbock, Almost Home Corporate Housing is your best choice to provide you with a furnished apartment in Lubbock, TX that is perfectly tailored to meet your unique housing needs. Call us today to receive a quote or fill out our simple housing request form at the top of this page.

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