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    Corporate Housing Sparks Nv - Wingfield Springs

    Reno, Sparks, NV 89436

    Enjoy Reno corporate housing in this immaculate, warm and inviting, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath single-family home which is situated on a quiet cul-de-sac in…

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Corporate Housing Reno: Getting to Know the City

Sitting at the feet of the Sierra Nevada is a luxury not many cities in the United States can boast of. That honor goes to Reno, “The biggest little city in the world,” as it is affectionately known. It’s rise to fame, aside from its geological characteristics, is its numerous casinos and hotels that cater to the West Coast crowd who do not want to drive all the way out to Las Vegas. At one point in history, Reno was the gambling capital of the world.  Reno residents are proud of their city and they show it by being as friendly as they can to all who visit. So make sure you make some friends while you’re here and invite them over to enjoy the best of Reno corporate housing with you in an Almost Home furnished apartment.

The major source of employment, by industry, is the casino and hospitality industry in Reno. After that comes the county school district followed by the University of Nevada in Reno. Overall, the city does well and is rebounding from its 2010 recession, where it peaked in unemployment at 13.3%.

Reno Weather

Staying in Reno temporary housing will afford you with a wide variety of weather.  Reno weather is an amazing mix of dry air and cool breeze, undoubtedly influenced by California’s Mediterranean-like weather patterns. Weather is also influenced by the Sierra Nevada, a range of hills that form the barrier for the easterly winds coming from the Pacific. These winds that are forced up the Sierra Nevada are subjected to drying winds as the ascend during the day, and the cool winds that descend in the evening. This keeps the climate in Reno stable all year around. The Summers here are cool and dry, hanging around 90°F in the peak months of July and August. In the Winter the temperature then falls into the mid twenties. The two extremes are easily managed with appropriate clothing.

City Layout

Reno is accessible from San Francisco and Salt Lake City using I-80. From Reno, I-580 cuts down to Carson City southward and provides access to North Valley, the furthest northern regions of Reno.  Within the city S. Virginia St. is the main thoroughfare that runs north to south. Most of the resorts and casinos as well as malls and other conveniences are on this street.

Things to do in Reno     

Reno is a town designed to cater to tourists and it goes all out to accomplish that. There are numerous things to do here and your imagination is the only hurdle. From casinos to cathedrals, circus to ball games and museums to zoos, its all here and ready to be conquered.

  • Museums: There are loads of museums here and they are all worth the time to visit. Start with the National Automobile Museum is an amazing collection of automobiles set in a diorama of various scenes. You will find everything from Henry Ford’s handiwork to some of the more recent American muscle. The breadth of this collection is astounding and you will have the best time here if you are an auto enthusiast. There are also a number of other museums like the Nevada Museum of Art on W. Liberty St., and the Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center on N. Virginia St.
  • Casinos: There are a boatload of casinos here that cater to everyone’s taste. Most of them are located along N. Virginia St and you can just pop into the one that catches your eye. However the ones that attract the most accolades are ones like the Peppermill Resort Hotel on S Virginia St, Atlantis Casino Resort on S Virginia St. and Silver Legacy Reno on S Virginia St.
  • Malls: There are a few places you can get your everyday stuff, or if you want a day away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Reno, a day at the Mall will be a refreshing getaway. The Meadowood Mall is located on Meadowood Mall Circle, just of S Virginia St. The other mall that you can get to is the Reno Town Mall located just across the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. There are numerous shops and a coupled of strip malls around town that, when taken in total, will be able to cater to any need you have.
  • Performing Arts: There are  a number of theaters that attract people from all over the west coast. While you spend time here, take advantage of all the theaters and what they have to offer. The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, located on S Virginia St hosts numerous performances throughout the year. They even have visiting Broadway shows that will elevate your spirits. The other centers include Dancing Performing Arts Center, Bruka Theatre, and the Reno Events Center and of course, the Reno Philharmonic.
  • Golf: There are a couple of places that you could go hit the balls and walk the fairways in Reno. It is an amazing thing to do at this elevation where the air is crisp and the temperature, awesome. Try the Lakeridge Golf Course on Golf Club Dr. or Washoe county Golf on Foley Way. A really good course is the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course, on Pembroke Dr. If you don’t mind driving out, there is also Kiley Links in Sparks, NV on Kiley Links Dr. or the Red Hawk Golf and Resort on Wingfield Springs Rd. in Sparks, NV.

With all the things to do and all the places to visit and all the food to sample, your time in Reno will be spent in an active lifestyle. When you eventually get back home, just beware that you are probably going to be bored. But that is another matter. While you are here, take advantage of the sublime climate, the awesome entertainment, the vigorous outdoors and everything else you can do while you get your business taken care of in this gorgeous city.