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San Angelo TX Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

San Angelo, Texas

Almost Home invites you to share the wonderful experience of corporate housing in San Angelo, Texas! A blooming city full of cultural, historical, and modern events, your stay with us in San Angelo promises to be a dream-fulfilling, memory-making experience. From the Chicken Farm Art Center to Fort Concho to the San Angelo State Park, you will find artistic, historic, and rustic enjoyment galore. We hope to make your temporary housing here a true satisfaction.

Nature Fun for Our Corporate Apartment Guests

Try the San Angelo State Park for a spacious, tranquil, evening resort. For more adventurous folk, get hooked up with Captain Mack and ride the Tule Princess for a superb sightseeing cruise around the lake. As for the International Water Lily Garden—locals find August and September the best times for viewing what they call “one of the best-kept secrets of San Angelo.” The San Angelo Nature Center is a great stop for kids; this small but well-run animal sanctuary boasts snakes, turtles, skunks, and dozens of other animals up for viewing and petting.

Cultural and Historical Activity

Temporary housing guests in San Angelo will find this city chock full of history and a unique culture seen in the numerous museums and the local’s favorite frontier fort dating back to 1867. Fort Concho isn’t just some old thing of the past; this place is alive with re-enactments, cannon firings, infantry soldiers in costume, and spectacular tours of the well-preserved buildings. If you’re a history buff, this is the place for you! The Railway Museum also offers enlightening information and real model trains displayed by friendly, informative staff.

Art and Music

Step out of your furnished apartment for some really great art and music in San Angelo. The Chicken Farm Art Center is, believe it or not, an old chicken farm now converted to an artisan’s haven! Turn an ear to some of their live music while you explore the galleries full of clay pots, crafts, and special gifts. The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is another unique stop, a highly rated and entertaining afternoon pastime. The San Angelo Symphony also performs several events a year, the most recognized of these taking place on July 3rd, though another amazingly well-attended performance is scheduled to kick off the holiday season.

Dining Out for Our Clients

San Angelo offers you virtually endless options for dining out. Check out the Silo House Restaurant for a stunning five-course, five-star meal. For cheaper, (but no less tasty) options, drop in some evening on the following places:

  • The Grill—unique, lively atmosphere and great food
  • Armenta’s—great Southwestern culture food
  • The Twisted Root—locals claim their burgers are to die for!

There is no doubt our San Angelo corporate housing guests will feel at home here. We hope you will enjoy this active city and your furnished apartment there!