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Almost Home is a proud member of The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), the association worldwide for the industry of corporate housing. We’ve been a member since 2003.

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Tallahassee FL Furnished Apartments and Corporate Housing

Almost Home offers a wide variety of Tallahassee, FL corporate housing options for every short or long term furnished apartment need you may have.  Contact us today to receive a temporary housing quote customized just for you in your desired area of the city.

First Time in Tallahassee, FL

We wish to help familiarize potential newcomers to life in Tallahassee and therefore provide the following informational summary of various things in this city. Take a few moments to acquire the knowledge of a local before you arrive.


Tallahassee, FL corporate housing residents in town on business might appreciate some knowledge about the city’s business environment.  Tallahassee, being the state capital, is supported largely by government functions and employment. There is a large presence of both state and federal agencies and this gives rise to large support and direct employment. In addition to public spending, education is one of the largest revenue streams into the city. Tallahassee is home to universities like Florida A&M as well as Florida State University. Being strong universities, academically, these tertiary institutions bring in students from the rest of the country as well as foreign students. The universities also dovetail into another revenue stream and industry for the city. These universities are the backbone of the Industrial and technical parks that support the creation of new technologies and products. The two parks, Innovation Park/Tallahassee and Smart Park create jobs and income for the city. Manufacturing is also a stable revenue stream for the city with Pine extracts, insecticides and pre-stressed concrete being part of the revenue generating sector of the manufacturing industry.


Knowing what apparel to bring with you to your Tallahassee, FL furnished apartment is somewhat dependent on the local climate.  Tallahassee is within the subtropical zone and experiences weather influenced by the Gulf of Mexico.  Spring weather is warm with temperatures ranging between 78°F in March to 87° in May. Summers warm up to a peak of 92°F in July. Fall temperatures reach average highs of 81° in October, then cools marginally to lows averaging 47° in November.  Winters are warm stretching from December to February with lows in the 40s. So, be sure to dress right and then come on out of your Tallahassee, FL corporate apartment to enjoy the wide variety of outdoor activities that this area offers.


Being a temporary resident in Tallahassee, FL corporate housing need not relegate you to feeling like a complete outsider.  Become acquainted with Tallahassee’s history by reading our brief historical summary provided below. The original peoples that lived and farmed in the Tallahassee vicinity prior to the arrival of western civilization was a Mississippian tribe of farmers known as the Apalachee. They had cultivated large areas of land in and around the present city limits and eventually left the land.  When the Seminoles arrived in the 1700s they observed these last tracts of farmed land and referred to these old fields as “Tallahassee”. The Spanish represented by de Soto arrived in the 1500s and eventually missions were set up, the largest being the San Luis Mission. The place that de Soto and his men initially encamped is believed to be less than a mile from the present state capital. General Andrew Jackson had much to contribute to the city of Tallahassee by way of leading the first Seminole War in the area. There were two battles that were fought in present day Tallahassee. The Seminoles had refused orders to vacate the land and insisted on staying. General Jackson burnt the village in response.

Places to Eat in Tallahassee

All of Almost Home’s Tallahassee, FL furnished apartments have fully equipped kitchens, making cooking both easy and enjoyable.  However, many of our residents still enjoy dining out from time to time.  You might want to give the following restaurants a try:
  • Wells Brothers Bar and Grille on W Tharpe St: Well’s is a typical neighborhood bar and restaurant with prices that are easily affordable. They have happy hours and close at midnight from Thursdays to Saturdays and 11pm on other nights. There is outdoor seating in addition to the dining area and bar, which serves only beer and wine. The locals like the burgers, including the Veggie Burger.
  • Kool Beanz Cafe on Thomasville Rd: Kool’s is a trendy cafe that serves dinner. The food is cooked behind a window in full view of patrons. It’s an interesting show. There is outdoor seating  and take-out is entertained. They are set up well for groups and small parties. The menu changes frequently so even regulars don’t get bored with the menu. There are some fixed items like the Applewood Bacon that are favorites here.
  • Voodoo Dog on S Macomb St: This is an inexpensive place to grab a quick lunch. The hot dogs here come in a number of varieties. From the Bacon Wrapped Dog ot the Wake and Bake. The Voodoo Burger that’s made from Kielbasa is also a treat. They serve beer and wine  and have free Wi-Fi.
  • Fermentation Lounge on All Saints St: The Fermentation Lounge is a popular place to sample a large variety of beers. The beer selection here is always changing. They offer cheese platters and that includes organic cheeses as well. The bar only serves beer and wine and there is an outdoor area on the patio. There is music in the background and the energy levels here go up especially during happy hour. Prices are affordable. There is street parking.
  • Paisley Cafe on Thomasville Road: Paisley is a combination of a bakery and a cafe. Prices here are easily affordable and they offer take-out. Patrons are usually attired casually and it’s well suited for breakfast and lunch.

Things to do in Tallahassee

Stepping out of your Tallahassee, FL temporary housing is bound to present you with numerous interesting activities.  We have listed a few possible entertainment options that may appeal to you.
  • Museum:  The Tallahassee Museum provides an insight into the area’s history and the natural environment. From wildlife to geology and more, the museum exhibits cultures and animals under one roof. There is a restaurant and gift shop as well.
  • Theater:  The Theater Tallahassee on Thomasville Road has something for every taste, from seasonal musicals to romantic comedies and Tony Award musicals. The theater was founded a half century ago and remains till this day, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of literary and dramatic arts.
  • Golf: The Southwood Golf Club was named one of the top 35 new courses by Golf Magazine. It was designed by Fred Couples, one of America’s golf legends and is a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. There are a number of tees to begin from, the longest being the Black Tees that total a distance of 7,172 yards on a par 72 course.
  • Parks: The Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park stands on 670 acres of land that skirts Lake Jackson’s eastern shoreline. The recreation center is on land that is part owned by the city and part gifted by Colin Phipps. There is an adult soccer facility and a youth sports complex. A large part of the 600 acres is maintained as a natural habitat for recreation and environmental education.
Whatever your reason for visiting Tallahassee, Almost Home Corporate Housing is your best choice to provide you with a Tallahassee, FL furnished apartment that is perfectly tailored to meet your unique housing needs.  Call us today to receive a quote or fill out our simple housing request form at the top of this page.