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Washington DC Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

Washington DC is one of the world’s famous cities that one should make a point of visiting. The city’s design, and the number of monuments, museums, zoos, parks and sports activity sites are all befitting a nation’s capital city. There is such a variety of things to see and do, and it would make perfect sense to stay at a Washington DC corporate housing facility, too.You can find a Washington DC furnished apartment, which will offer all of the amenities you may require, fulfilling all your needs. Corporate housing in the Washington DC by Almost Home will help you to conveniently plan your trip to explore the city and sights from there, your home away from home.

First Time in Washington DC

Get a Metro map, and search the Internet for places of interest to you.  Traveling around the Washington DC area is easy, as the public transportation services are well-developed. Whether it’s sports, arts, entertainment, shopping or sightseeing, commuting by subway, train or bus can be much less stressful than driving a car on your own and finding a parking space. For short trips away from your Washington DC corporate housing, you can get almost everywhere, conveniently and without the usual city hassles. Whether you choose to stay at a Washington DC temporary housing location or a Washington DC corporate apartment, they offer similar luxurious amenities to make your stay as rewarding and convenient as possible.

Business Environment

Washington DC is considered by many to be the center of politics and business, simply because many people work for the government. But there are other industries which may not be directly related to government such as education, finance and scientific research. This city is considered the location of top institutions, both national and regional. Also, many Fortune 500 businesses are located there.


The climate in Washington DC is rather temperate, with average peak summer temperatures in July and August around 89 degrees F, and somewhat snowy and coldish winters in December and January (30 degrees F). There is an elevation of just 20m, and getting around on foot or bicycle shouldn’t cause too much trouble.


The history of the city is tied to its important role as the capital of the US. History states that originally, settlers were people known as Nacotchtank, and the location of the District of Columbia was first selected by President George Washington himself. After the war of 1812, the government reinstated the city as the capital, and during reconstruction a number of monuments and museums were built and established. There is a high percentage of African Americans, a unique fact dating back to the city’s founding. One of the reason might be that the Civil Rights movement and African Culture centered in Washington DC.

Places to Eat in Washington DC

  • At Chef Geoff’s , conveniently located on New Mexico Ave, Monday is a half-price wine bottle night. The restaurant is open for lunch from 11:30am to 4:00pm and dinner from 4:00pm to 10:00pm. They’ve got a bacon bar every Wednesday. Among the wide selection of CG classics and delicacies are fish tacos, CG BLTs, CG Burgers and beet & goat cheese ravioli, all featured on the Chef’s Lunch menu. Perhaps one of the best Mexican restaurants in town?
  • Or maybe let’s go to a famous Italian restaurant like Filomena Ristorante (filomenaristorante) situated on Wisconsin Ave? They’ve got a lunchtime soup of the day at $6.95 a bowl, and the mozzarella in carrozza is a creamy mozzarella cheese, breaded and lightly fried, and served with spicy marinara sauce or sautéed cherry tomatoes, all at $6.95. They say that going to Filomena is like a trip to Italy, sampling the best and most authentic dishes of the Italian cuisine.

Things to Do in Washington, DC

There are plenty of historical sites to see and visit, some of the most famous being:
  • The White House, the residence and working place of the sitting President of the United States, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington DC. Every single president of the US has resided there, and it’s a must-see-location.
  • Second would perhaps be the United States Capitol, which can be found on Capitol Hill, the very place where the United States Congress meets. Like many buildings for the executive and judicial branches, it is built in a distinctive neoclassical style with impressive white facades.
  • Don’t miss the Smithsonian Museum of National History. There are a countless number of artifacts to see, and it has great appeal for all ages. An IMAX theater shows stunning scenery from many locations.
  • If you cannot get away from sports, get a local paper and look for the sport of the season, where you can watch these events, and at what time they are on.
String together a couple of activities and get there in no time, thanks to the convenience of public transportation and the accessibility of your Washington DC corporate housing or furnished apartment.