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Enjoying Your Stay in West Palm Beach

palmtrees_alongstreet_compWest Palm Beach in Florida, a city near to the sea, is like a paradise where the sun shines over the cheerful, palm-lined streets, amazingly wondrous waterfront views, shopping districts which can serve both luxuries and essentials, historic and scenic spots and most of all, the exciting outdoor festivals all-year round.

While staying in West Palm Beach corporate housing, you might want to enjoy the city to its fullest by visiting their attractions. West Palm Beach has a Tropical Monsoon climate, more mild than other cities located near the Equator, so it’s very good for outdoor activities without the risk of suffering from heat-related illnesses.

When going downtown, you could either go to either the retail or entertainment districts–CityPlace and Clematis Street. These two parts of the city are filled with establishments that will surely satisfy your every whim–martini bars, nightclubs, boutiques with the latest fashion trends, and restaurants for the family. If you’re just visiting with your beloved partner, West Palm Beach has many lovely restaurants suited for your romantic dinner by the candlelight.

If the vibrancy of the downtown doesn’t assuage your thirst for fun and entertainment, wait until Thursday evening, for then the fun escalates on Clematis Street, where visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the live (not to mention free) entertainment.

If you’re looking to have a fun time with your family, Palm Beach Zoo is the best place to go. It’s somewhat small, compared to other zoos but it has more than a hundred species of animals, which will surely thrill you and your children. The zoo’s most popular animals include a Giant Aldabra Tortoise and a Florida Panther. Your children will surely enjoy gyrating around the zoo’s interactive fountain as well.

If the day proves to be quite warm, why not take a dip with the Rapids Water Park? With dozens of thrill-inducing rides, slides, and pools, a fun time splashing in the clean waters will surely be experienced by everyone.

Whatever you engage in, we are certain our West Palm Beach furnished apartment residents will have a warm, inviting home to return to.

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