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Find Employment in Salt Lake City

Relocating to Salt Lake City? Finding a job might be easier than you think. Yahoo recently reported that Salt Lake City is one of “America’s Best Places to Find a Job.” The Department of Labor Statistics recently reported that the unemployment rate was at 5.9%, way below the national unemployment rate of 9.4%. The economy is highly diversified: employers with a strong presence there include Delta Air Lines, e-Bay, Unisys, Siebel, Micron, and 3M. Because Salt Lake City is a major transportation hub, the Department of Labor Statistics reports that the category “Trade, Transportation, and Utilities” is the strongest employer in the city. This makes sense, as the city has always had strong ties to the railroad and to the country’s freight trucking routes. Second only to transportation was the category “Government.” With the University of Utah located in Salt Lake City, not to mention the state capitol, it only follows that many people in Salt Lake City are swept up in city politics. Because government health insurance follows government jobs, the hospitals and social services in the area are not financially overburdened. Salt Lake City leads by example in the way to weather the current economic climate. And if you are needing corporate housing in Salt Lake City while job hunting or settling into a new job, Almost Home can help.

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