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A Few Suggested Activities When You’re in Fremont

blog_beachfrontbicycleThere are lots of things to do so don’t sit around your Fremont furnished apartment all day. There are museums and parks that deserve your attendance.  There is culture and sun that await your presence.

  • Museums: There are a number of museums in Fremont, CA that will be of interest. It gives visitors an orientation as to what the town is all about. One such museum is the Museum of Local History on Anza St. Another interesting museum to visit is the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum located on Niles Blvd. Or if you like try the Children’s Natural History Museum on Eggers Drive.
  • Golf:  There are quite a few golf courses in this area. It’s probably because of the number of beautiful golf days this town has. Fremont Park has a small course with 9 holes located on Stevenson Pl. Or you can venture out a little and go down to Sunol which is just about a 5 minute drive from downtown Fremont to Sunol Valley Golf Course on Mission Rd. Another option is to head out to Milpitas and play at Spring Valley’s 18 hole public course located on Calaveras Rd.
  • Shopping: Technically there is no mall in Fremont; it’s more of a shopping center that is spread out over a large area. There is everything here from a cinema to Costco as well as Lowe’s, Target and a Nordstrom Rack.  There are many restaurants here as well from Applebee’s to Primer Pizza. It’s all in Pacific Commons. Other than that there is the Fremont Hub located on Fremont and Mowry. There a number of national chains here, everything from Bed, Bath and Beyond to Pizza Hut. However, one thing you should realize is that Fremont is not that far from neighboring towns; so you could always take a short drive to neighboring Palo Alto, Milpitas or even San Jose.
  • Performing Arts: The West Coast is teeming with culture and performances that range from classic to contemporary. You’ll be surprised at the range and pleasantly uplifted to new experiences in Fremont and neighboring towns. Of course San Francisco is across the bay and provides the ultimate in West Coast culture, but for just something around the corner there is the Broadway West Theatre Company on Bay St. There is also The Academy of Chinese Performing Arts that has some very interesting insight into eastern culture and performances.  Make sure you take some time to experience this. Then there is the Made Up Theatre where it’s all about improv comedy. You will have a great time here and it’s something many people keep coming back to while in the area.
  • Parks & Recreation: There are a lot of interesting parks and recreation centers in Fremont. It’s hard to decide which one is the best so see them all then decide for yourself. Try Coyote Hills located along the eastern shore of the Bay. Another good place to get a magnificent view of the Bay is Mission Peak.
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