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Dining Options in Baton Rouge

Dining OptionsBaton Rouge is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. Almost Home offers the following dining suggestions to our clients:

  • The Chimes on Highland Rd.: Whichever corner you are in Baton Rouge, there isn’t an excuse valid enough to explain why you didn’t come here when you were in town. Check out the Crab Cakes, the crawfish and the Buffalo wings.  Oysters in the half shell are another menu item sure to please. They are half-off every day between 4 and 7pm.
  • Zea Rotisserie & Grill on Towne Center Blvd.: There is a mix of everything here that will give you options on days where you’re hungry but not sure what you’re hungry for.  They have wonderful daily specials, from the Tender Pork Roast Mondays to the Braised Provimi Veal Saturdays.  For lunch, try the Spit Roasted Chicken.
  • Parrain’s Seafood Restaurant on Perkins Rd.: This place has possibly one of the best seafood choices in town. The food is authentically Gulf-coast. Try the Catfish Chenier, the Apple BBQ Pork, or the Crawfish Pasta.  Since you are so far down south, try the Po’boys, especially the Catfish Po’boy.
  • Le Creole on E. Petroleum Dr.: Not only does this place serve up the taste of Baton Rouge, it adds in the flavor of the old New Orleans. So this is another must-visit place when it comes to authentic Baton Rouge cuisine. The place is a little dressier than the others.  So dress well, eat well, be treated well, and take your time.  The Roasted Cast Iron Oysters here are legendary, just as the Fried Oyster Po’boy Salad and the Seafood Gumbo.
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