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Fort Wayne Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments

We serve the entire Fort Wayne area including Woodburn, Monroeville, Hoagland, Roanoke, New Haven. Nestled equidistance from Chicago and Cleveland is the medium size town of Fort Wayne, IN.  Business travelers or those in the area for a variety of personal reasons would benefit greatly from Almost Home’s Fort Wayne corporate housing as a very cost-effective alternative to long-term hotel stays.  Request a quote today for a one, two, or three bedroom Fort Wayne furnished apartment.

First Time in Fort Wayne, IN

We wish to provide potential newcomers to Fort Wayne a brief summary of the area.


Fort Wayne was built on a manufacturing economy, which now forms part of the belt of aging infrastructure known as the Rust Belt.  With the decline of manufacturing, the industries that emerged in its wake include service business and retail catering to the households that remain in the city. There is also still some semblance of manufacturing left from its peak with companies like General Motors and Steel Dynamics. The diversification of the city’s economy began in the late 1990s and early 2000 with importance shifting towards transportation and logistics, health care and financial services. Most notably, hospitality industries have sprouted here and grown due to the proximity of Fort Wayne to Chicago.


Fort Wayne corporate housing residents face a humid continental climate tempered by close proximity to the Great Lakes. Spring is mild with temperatures ranging from lows of 30°F in March to highs of 71° in May. Summers are warm and humid, reaching a high of 84° in July, while fall averages between highs of 63° in October to lows of 33° in November. Winter is cold and lasts between December and March, with the coldest month being January.


The natives in this area included the Miami and Algonquin tribes that date back to the 17th century. The early French traders settled in the area in the late 17th century near the Great Lakes setting up a trading post, then later building the first fort, Fort Miami., which was later renamed Fort St Philippe de Miamis. France eventually ceded the fort to the British in 1760. It was retaken by the Indians during Pontiac’s rebellion and remained under the Miami for three decades. Indiana received state-hood in 1816 and by 1819 the federal office was set up to sell local land. Fort Wayne was platted and named in 1819 and named in honor of General Wayne who won an important battle against the Indians. Population at the time of the city’s beginning was just 300.

Places to Eat in Fort Wayne

  • JK O’Donnell’s on W Wayne St:  O’Donnell’s offers a typical Irish menu with bangers and mash available any time of the day. It’s primarily a bar with a very friendly crowd during happy hour and beyond. The bar is well stocked with European beers and liquors and the bartenders are good with cocktails.
  • Granite City Food and Brewery: Granite City Food offers a selection of wholesome food and a short list of tasty local brews. The staff is very well trained and understand the subtleties of the different brews that are produced here. They are also very accommodating. Sunday brunch is a favorite here and the Prime Rib is delicious.
  • Club Soda on E Superior St: The full bar here is manned by well trained bartenders. This is the local meeting place after work and a place to meet new people. The Martinis are arguably the best in Fort Wayne.
  • Takaoka of Japan on E Superior St: The Sushi here attracts top marks from the locals. The chefs use fresh ingredients and follow a proven recipe that results in consistent and tasty sushi and sashimi.
  • Cork’n Cleaver on E Washington Center Rd: The restaurant offers a comfortable environment and good food. The bar is well stocked and the service staff is friendly without being too familiar. Food is served in generous portions and desserts are the highlight of the menu.

Things to do in Fort Wayne

Step away from your Fort Wayne temporary housing and enjoy some amusements out on the town.
  • Museum: The Fort Wayne Museum of Art located on E Main St is a local favorite for its historical tales of the area and its surrounding. There are numerous pictorial exhibits and artistic works featuring the heroes and struggles of the Fort Wayne community. There some exhibits during the year that showcase artifacts from the wars fought here with the original tribes.
  • Theater: The Civic Theater, located on East Main St, presents classical Broadway shows, symphonies, operas and plays over the course of the year. Shows like Les Miserable and Sisters of Swing frequently grace the stages here. The theater delivers modern acoustics and comfortable auditorium seating in a historic building.
  • Shopping: Glenbrook Square on Coldwater Rd is the local mall that houses a number of retail stores, restaurants and a cinema. The mall is anchored by JCPenney, and Sears and Macy’s, and has retail stores ranging from Aeropostale to GNC.
  • Golf: Chestnut Golf Club is an 18 year old public facility that is well maintained and a pleasure to play amidst the lush foliage, picturesque lakes and charming townspeople. This award-winning, 18-hole par 72 course presents challenges each time but has a rewarding feel at the end of the quick 4 hour round.
  • Parks: The Johnny Appleseed Memorial Park is located on Coliseum Blvd and is named after the grower that cultivated the Valencia Orange that put Fullerton on the map. There is basketball, boating, sailing and fishing as well as picnic grounds and playgrounds.
If you require short-term housing of sixty days or more, contact Almost Home today, either by phone or by filling out or web form, and receive a custom quote for a Fort Wayne corporate apartment.

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