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Dining Options While Staying in Greenville Temporary Housing

greenville-sc-larkins-on-the-riverAlmost Home’s temporary housing residents have a wide array of cuisine choices in Greenville, SC.  We have a few that we’d like to recommend to you.

  • Soby’s on Main Street: Here’s a unique place that’s not always what one would expect out of Greenville. It’s not a chain and so the mystique os combined with equal parts of hospitality to result in a truly superb dining experience. The food is sumptuous, with meticulously chosen handpicked foods that arrive at the table, fresh and tastefully prepared. Try the Braised Beef Short Rib, you won’t regret it.
  • Larkin’s on the River on South Main St.: Here you will find fine dining that takes gourmet presentation to the next level. It is never easy to strike the balance between gourmet food and a warm atmosphere, but it is accomplished here in such fine southern style. It’s place like this that puts Greenville on the map.
  • Sushi Murasaki on South Main St.: As far as sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and other delectable Japanese cuisine go, this place sets the standards. They’ve managed to stick as closely as possible to the authenticity of Japanese recipes and the result is nothing short of exquisite. If you are into Japanese food, this is one place you want to keep on speed dial and get to know the maitre’d.
  • Barley’s Taproom and Pizza on West Washington St.: There are only two things they serve here, Beer and Pizza. But they do is immensely well. There are so many kinds of beer on tap here, from Stone Ale to Chimay. The beer here comes from around the world and there is one that will hit your sweet spot smack in the heart. Until you find that one, you’ll just have to keep coming back to try it. The other highlight of this little treasure is that Pizza menu that would give any New York pizza joint a serious run for its money.
  • Bucky’s Bar-B-Q on Roper Mountain Rd.: Authentic barbecues served fresh in a comfortable atmosphere There are a few locations in town, with the one on Roper Mountain Rd. being one of the most accessible. Here you will find, $10 rib dinners and heaps of pulled pork with a side of whatever you want. It’s a hearty meal, southern style.

Wherever you try the food in Greenville you won’t be disappointed. Hospitality and tasty cooking seems to be in everyone’s genes down here. You will not want to leave Greenville very soon.

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