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Five Great Dining Options in Overland Park, KS

dining2Overland Park, KS, literally and figuratively, feels like the center of the United States. There is a definite meeting of cultures from the eastern seaboard to the West Coast. Just look at the cuisine you come across while you’re here, and you will be convinced that this is a great place for experiencing an eclectic array of dining choices.

  1. Rosati’s Pizza on College Blvd.:  There is something else that you are going to absolutely love while you’re here. The pizza here is just going to change your pie-loving experience and no other pie, on either coast, is ever going to live up to your new found appreciation after this. Even if you’re from Chicago, you’re still going to love the deep dish pizza here. Even the thin crust is amazing and you will be tempted to swing by here every day.
  2. The Cheesecake Factory on West 119th St.:  This is a regional chain that is well worth patronizing. The food is not limited to just cheesecakes although the cheesecakes here are divine. There are numerous flavors, from chocolate bar cheesecake to mango key lime. But beyond that there are appetizers that a simply luscious, pizzas that are outrageously mouthwatering and steaks that are tantalizing. Whatever you order here, you will always leave with your palette singing high praise.
  3. J. Gilbert’s on Metcalf Ave.:  It’s all about beef here. Prime Angus Beef that wins awards is served here, cook over open wood-fire. It was named 2012’s Best Steakhouse by Kansas City Magazine. Take a look at the dinner menu and you will be absolutely overwhelmed with the various inviting choices. Appetizers starting with Fried Oyster Po’ Boys and Salmon Rillette to Crab Bisque and Sea Scallops. All this only to be topped off Porterhouse steaks and bone-in Ribeyes or center-cut Filet Mignon.
  4. Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue on Metcalf Ave.:  When you’re this deep into the Midwest, you’re going to find a lot of beef. This is one place that’s going to do it just right and add to that they have other meats to from ribs, to sausages and sumptuous desserts. Try the sandwiches here as well, the Chipotle Grilled Chicken Club will just blow your mind, if you’re really famished then the Baby Back Ribs will hit the spot or the Crown Prime Lunch. Just make sure its a long lunch because the drinks and the deserts will not let you get back to the office anytime soon.
  5. Chinese Palace on West 119th St.:  A simple place to whet your appetite for a quick dinner. The food here is appetizing and served in a clean environment. There is an extensive take-out menu as well and you can call-ahead. The egg-rolls here are not the typical you find and they are delicious. The chicken wings are great, and you should call ahead if you’re going to have them to enjoy the game on TV. For the main, Seafood Combo is a good choice.

Whatever your motivation for hanging out here in Overland Park, KS, and wherever your Overland Park corporate apartment is located, you will definitely appreciate the coffee. You will find Revocup Coffee one of the best places in Overland Park to get coffee, get the latte and be sure to say “Hi” to Habte and his wife TG when you stop by. Since it’s right by where you’ll be living, this is may just be where you stop by every morning on your way to work.

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