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Five Outstanding Dining Choices While Staying in Naperville Temporary Housing

Dining OptionsAfter settling into your Naperville temporary housing, get familiar with all the good places to get a bite to eat.  Naperville has a lot of the standard chains you would find in any city across America, but there are outstanding local dining establishments that Almost Home wishes to recommend to our clients.

  1. The White Chocolate Grill on Freedom Drive:  This place is nice enough for a romantic dinner for two yet robust enough to celebrate your toddler’s birthday with the entire family. But since you’re here on business, entertaining clients and customers here will certainly work in your favor. The menu is finely tuned and the bar is well stocked.
  2. Sullivan’s Steakhouse on South Main St.:  The dining experience here is truly divine. From cocktails that begin at happy hour then flow through the evening into hand-cut steak dinners, while the live band jams is something to write home about. The splendid sounds, the awesome dining and the great people are all what experiences should be punctuated with.
  3. Francesca’s on W. Jefferson Ave.:  As far as Italian restaurants go, the Francesca chain in the Midwest is one that’s superior to most. Especially this one on Jefferson is a fantastic departure from the usual Italian fare. Here it’s a mix of authentic Italian cuisine that will ring true even when subjected to a Sicilian palette.
  4. Raku Sushi Gourmet on Ogden St.:  The experience of mouth-watering, fine dining sushi in the heart of Naperville is something you won’t want to miss. The delicate taste of traditional Japanese recipes and techniques, combined with contemporary western flavor concoctions, makes this a favorite for residents and folks from out of town alike.
  5. Gemato’s Wood Pit BBQ on Ogden St.:  There is something about barbecues that capture anyone’s gastronomic imagination. Add to that the fact that its a wood pit and add to that, even more , the homemade sauces and flavors and it becomes a glorious experience. If you are in the area, this is one place that you really do have to try.

Naperville has a lot to offer and the longer you stay there the more food joints, delis and high-end restaurants you will find, but before that happens, these places might be worth checking out.

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